At Ayurcura I practice Ayurveda according to the fundamental principles mentioned in the authentic texts of Ayurveda. My name is Prerana Navarange, I am a fully qualified Ayurveda practitioner in Harrow. I passed my degree in Ayurveda (BAMS) from the University of Mumbai with top grades.

  • I have a long experience of clinical practice in Mumbai.

  • I have also got previous clinical experience from the UK and has worked in various Ayurvedic clinics in London . In my clinical practice I have seen many patients with the history of chronic diseases and offered them Ayurvedic advice.

  • I taught Ayurveda at Thames Valley University, London .

  • I was fortunate to learn Ayurveda from expert Vaidyas (term used for  qualified Ayurveda practitioner in India) at Mumbai university. I also got an opportunity to complete my clinical experience under the guidance of such practitioners.


I have also worked with the children with various learning difficulties in an educational setting in London for 15 years. I offer holistic ayurvedic consultation to improve children's focus and concentration on their studies. I also offer ayurvedic consultations for the various chronic conditions like arthritis, obesity, PCOD, diabetes and many others. ( Please contact me regarding your chronic condition as I haven't mentioned the names of all chronic conditions for which I give ayurvedic advice.) 

  • I am also a full member of APA (Ayurveda Practitioners Association) in the UK .

  • I am a practitioner member of CMA ( Complementary Medical Association ) and hold the membership of IAHT ( International Alliance of Holistic Therapist ).

  • I offer holistic Ayurveda diet and life-style consultations to maintain or bring back your state of healthy equilibrium .

  • In my consultation I take in depth health assessment and find out your Ayurveda constitution.

  • I also carry out authentic Eightfold Ayurveda assessments which include pulse (nadi) and tongue (jivha) examination.

  • I then suggest  personalised health programme which usually includes  ayurvedic diet advice, life-style advice and stress reduction techniques.

  • If necessary, I also offer herbs  for detoxification (digestion of Ama-undigested food) and herbs which are  beneficial for you.

Note: I can  also offer consultations in other languages such as Marathi, Hindi and Gujrathi.                  

Seedlings in Pots
Rock Balancing
Natural Herbs